Say No To KXL March and Rally Tweet List!

We are in the battle of our lives as we see history repeating itself in legislation that steals our lands, our homes, and our lives. As you know, on November 19, 2014, the Senate failed to pass legislation that would approve the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline (KXL) by only 1 vote. This January, when the 114th Congress reconvenes, we fully expect the KXL bill to be up for a vote and sent to the president’s desk for approval. Although Mr. Obama may veto the bill on the grounds that the process is incomplete, he may decide to bend to Republican, Canadian, and big oil pressures.

We invite you to join us in an initiative to bring the voices of the people together to Washington D.C. on January 3, 2015, for coordinated action and education—NO TO KXL RALLY.

The rally is being organized by a diverse national coalition of Native American leaders, environmental organizations, and individuals who agree that the Keystone XL Pipeline is not in the national interest, has the potential to contaminate the nation’s largest freshwater aquifer, and puts the lives of all people who live along its path in serious danger. This event will be both educational and action-oriented, and aimed at building on the momentum created by the recent Climate Change March in New York City. We must act together to fight the KXL Pipeline legislation from being passed, and the time to act is NOW!

Not Your Mascots has feet on the ground during this protest. Those who are unable to attend the rally in person are asked to show support through social media using the #NoKXL hashtag. Twitterstorm will follow directly after Thunderclap message is sent, at 12:00 pm EST. This is a list of pre-made tweets available for those supporting online.

Indigenous women protect Sacred Water, Sacred Land!

Protect Our Mother! Protect Our Water! Protect the Sacred!

PAY ATTENTION! Can’t Drink TARSANDS! No Water, No Life!

Say No to the KXL Pipeline! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

#Ifight4change because it is our responsibility to protect our sacred water and land for future generatons.

The #KeystoneXL Pipeline is not in the best interest of our country, our environment or our people! #NoKXL

Our Native Nations have vowed to use direct action to stop construction of the pipeline. #VoteNOKXL #HonortheTreaties #idlenomore

Construction of the KXL Pipeline is a declaration of war on indigenous people, we will stand our ground #honorthetreaties #votenokxl

With Pipelines come man camps, with man camps come violence and the rape of our women and children!

Strong hearts to the front! Moccasins on the ground! Sacred Water MUST be protected! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

The KXL Pipeline cuts through Tribal lands and violates treaties, water rights and sacred sites. #honorthetreaties #votenokxl

Owe Aku (Bring Back The Way) stand with the Indigenous nations to protect our land & water. #honorthetreaties #votenokxl #idlenomore

Corporations & politics are NOT more important than our right to clean water! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

Do you not realize the KXL pipeline will only exacerbate the water shortages happening around the world? #honorthetreaties #votenokxl

Do you oppose human trafficking, sexual violence towards children & women? Protect the sacred, say #NoKXL!

TransCanada intimidates landowners along the pipeline routes into signing contractual agreements for their land. #votenokxl

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe recognizes the authorization of the this pipeline as an act of war #honorthetreaties

Only we can save ourselves, so stand up and fight! Water is life, Land is Sacred! Protect it for the sake of our future generations!

Largest act of youth civil disobedience in a generation! #votenokxl #warriorup

Enough is Enough! No Means No Pipelines, No Fracking! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

The Senate needs to vote NO and tell @TransCanada to stick it up their pipeline! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #waterissacred

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. It is our responsibility to protect it. #votenokxl

Long Live the Resistance against Corporate Greed and the Destruction of our Planet! #votenokxl #idlenomore #waterissacred

#NoKXL #notarsands on US soil! UNDERSTAND it > #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

We need your actions on climate to match your goals, #VOTENOKXL! #honorthetreaties

The Senate & President Obama Should Stand Strong on Keystone XL and #VOTENOKXL #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

@WhiteHouse recall what Archbishop TuTu said to @BarackObama about the KXL pipeline? #votenokxl

Get YOUR Tweet on; Say #VOTENOKXL #HonortheTreaties #WarriorUp #IdleNoMore to @WhiteHouse @BarackObama

@WhiteHouse @BarackObama RECOGNIZE Mother Earth & DO NO HARM! #Votenokxl #HonortheTreaties >

@WhiteHouse @BarackObama Honor Mother Earth; STOP endangering HER & HER Children!! #Votenokxl #HonortheTreaties #IdleNoMore

RESPECT, RECOGNIZE, SURVIVE! #VoteNoKXL #HonortheTreaties #IdleNoMore #Warriorup

RECOGNIZE & RESPECT! Mother Earth & the People are MORE important than corporations! #Votenokxl #HonortheTreaties #idlenomore

“Power is in the EARTH; It is in your relationship to the EARTH.” -Winona LaDuke #Votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

Authorization of the KXL pipeline is an act of war, says Chairman Cyril Scott of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.

If Congress won’t act to save our Future Generations, WE WILL! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore #warriorup

Dear @TransCanada, Stick it up your Pipeline! No Means No KXL, No Tar Sands! Not now, Not ever! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties

Custer underestimated the ability of Natives to protect their lives and their land, don’t make the same mistake. #VOTENOKXL

We will not allow the KXL Pipeline to jeopardize our land, our water and our future generations. #VoteNoKxl #honorthetreaties

To the Senate: #HONORTHETREATIES & #VOTENOKXL! Do not vote to destroy Mother Earth and her children. #idlenomore #honorthepeople

The only oil Americans will get from Keystone XL is the oil that spills. #VoteNoKxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

A spill will devastate communities along the KXL route & leave their kids & grandkids with contaminated drinking water for decades

The KXL is not a hard political choice. It’s a no brainer, unless oil companies are writing your checks #votenokxl #honorthetreaties

The IEN drafted the Mother Earth Accord w/ traditional treaty councils to oppose the KXL – #honorthetreaties


THE KXL PIPELINE VIOLATES TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #idlenomore

Dr. James Hansen of NASA has called the Keystone XL pipeline “a fuse to the largest carbon bomb on the planet.” #votenokxl

If the Keystone XL pipeline is allowed to be built, It will be stopped by unified resistance #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #warriorup

Recognize that the KXL pipeline will increase environmental injustice, disproportionately impacting native communities #votenokxl

Our Native Nations have said the KXL pipeline is detrimental to ALL future generations on planet earth. What don’t you understand?

STOP THE MADNESS: reject the KXL Pipeline, reject Tar Sans oil, & take climate action now! #votenokxl

The KXL pipeline is a disastrous project of foreign oil companies that will do serious damage to our natural resources! #votenokxl

KXL pipeline is the fuse to the carbon bomb of the tar sands that we cannot afford to detonate in our atmosphere. #votenokxl

If the Ogallala aquifer is polluted by a KXL pipeline spill, more than $20 billion worth of food & fiber will vanish #votenokxl

There are indigenous people on the frontlines fighting for their treaties to be honored! Stop ignoring them! #votenokxl #idlenomore

TransCanada indicated 700K gallons of tar sands crude could leak out of the Keystone XL pipeline without detection. #votenokxl

Yes a Tipi WILL stop a pipeline! #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #indigenousresistance #warriorup

The Senate will be voting on a new bill to mandate approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, tell them to Frack Off & #VOTENOKXL!

“Indigenous lands are healthy lands,lands that our ancestors wished to protect, we intend to the do the same”

Indigenous Women leading the charge to protect the rights of Mother Earth and the generations to come!

“We’re all resisting the same thing and that’s the violation of our Mother” -Crystal Lameman #honorearth

Students in Montreal stage protest over pipeline projects! #votenokxl #warriorup #idlenomore

“Life isn’t just about money. We need water; we need trees to survive.” #votenokxl #warriorup #idlenomore

“A generation is rising up and screaming loud and clear that it’s not just money that matters.” -William Daviau #nopipelines

The message that we are sending to @TransCanada & to the politicians in favor of the KXL cannot be any clearer. #VOTENOKXL!

The Final Indian War in America About to Begin – #votenokxl #honorthetreaties #warriorup

Why you should NOT underestimate the spirit of our determination to stop the KXL pipeline. #votenokxl

Tell @BarackObama to stop the KXL Pipeline! #honorthetreaties #honortheearth #honorthepeople

@FrankWaln – “This is our culture, this is our life, this is who we are” #votenokxl #honorthetreaties

Rebel Music:Native America- Four Indigenous artists standing up for their land and their people. #votenokxl