#NoHonorinRacism Tweet List

A large coalition of grassroots California Indigenous organizations and allies are holding a ‘No Honor In Racism Rally’ as part of the national movement demanding that the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell end the use of the racial epithet in the league.

Please use these tweets for the Twitterstorm beginning at 10AM PST on Nov 23rd. Please do not use these tweets until then!
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There is #NoHonorInRacism I support @NCARSM in ending racism in sports and media

We are not mascots for America’s fun and games. I support @NCARSM

I am against the misappropriation of indigenous identity and Imagery through mascots, stereotypes and racist behavior #NotYourMascot

The exploitation of native identity for the sake of entertainment creates and promotes disparaging and harmful stereotypes #NotYourMascot

Continued exploitation of indigenous identity and imagery by educational institutions creates a hostile environment #NotYourMascot

It is hard to get fans to understand that this isn’t about a sports rivalry, this is a very real issue with very real ppl #NotYourMascot

Tradition should not stand in the way of doing what’s right! There is #NoHonorInRacism and natives are #NotYourMascot

We look forward to the Washington team selection of a new mascot and name that unites, instead of divides, our cultures #NotYourMascot

Snyder has an opportunity to help the next generation of Native youth to feel more included in American society #NotYourMascot

Dehumanizing and objectifying Native people is part of European settler history in America. #NoHonorInRacism #NotYourMascot

We are fighting all cases of racism, and against long ingrained willful and self serving ignorance! #NotYourMascot http://www.coalitionagainstracism.org

NFL Owners it is time to take action and demand what is right! #ChangeTheName #NoHonorInRacism #NotYourMascot

Tired of the debate? Me too! It shouldn’t even be questioned #redskins #ChangeTheName #NotYourMascot

I am #NotYourMascot I am #NotARedskin it’s time to #ChangeTheName because there is #NoHonorInRacism

Stop the genocide! #ChangeTheName #NotYourMascot there is #NoHonorInRacism

How do you define honor? #Redskins is not an honor #NotYourMascot #Nohonorinracism

So you want to honor Native People? Try listening and respecting the request to #Changethename #NotYourMascot #NoHonorinRacism

Misrepresentation of Natives paint them as 1-dimensional ppl who lack the full range of emotions that other groups display #NotYourMascot

People feel that they can use Native American culture and imagery in such a glib way. It’s disrespectful. #NotYourMascot

Native Americans have for years been portrayed as awful cookie cutter images that are neither flattering nor accurate. #NotYourMascot

Redface refers to the creation and propagation of racist American Indian stereotypes and caricatures. #NotYourMascot

In early films Redskins were almost always depicted as half-clothed savages, screaming war cries as they got shot off horses #NotYourMascot

The kids game of Cowboys & NDNs is the equivalent of Germans playing a similar game that might be called Nazis & Jews #NotYourMascot

The history of Native American stereotyping has had damaging cultural consequences.#NotYourMascot

Since 1971, nearly two-thirds of professional and amateur sports teams bearing Native American iconography have made a change #NotYourMascot

In the 60s, the National Congress of American Indians began a campaign to eliminate negative stereotyping of Natives in media #NotYourMascot

If you look at the two most disparaging symbols in national sports today you have Chief Wahoo and the SLURskins. #NotYourMascot

Can anyone list one positive benefit to native people by the continued use of a racial SLUR as a teams nickname? #NotYourMascot

Racist mascots, and the acceptance of them, are symptoms of racism within the dominant culture. #NotYourMascot

When you’re a native person living in non-native communities you have to argue to validate your Indian identity. #NotYourMascot

If your not dark brown and covered in feathers, people don’t think you can be a Native. #NotYourMascot

Mascots strip us of our real identity because people only see us as cartoons. #NotYourMascot

The mascot puts a cartoon sticker over the fact that we still exist and have real problems, in real communities. #NotYourMascot

Conversations like these about mascotry is just another reminder that to America, we aren’t real. #NotYourMascot

Why is it when other races are disrespected it’s called racism, but when Native Americans are disrespected it’s called honor? #NotYourMascot

We are bringing awareness to native issues by fighting the one thing that puts natives in that spotlight, racism in sports #NotYourMascot

Why do people still want to pretend that we live in a post-racist society while keeping a racial slur like Redskins? #NotYourMascot

Racist mascots in sports fit together as good as peanut butter & asphalt shingles, Natives are #NotYourMascot @Redskins #NotYourMascot

There is no mention in old articles of natives being mascots, it isn’t a tradition that honors #NotYourMascot

Early 20th century saw rapid expansion in NDN mascots. Mythic, fighting, beast like savages was the new trend #NotYourMascot

“Kill the NDN, save the man” said Richard Pratt, Founder of Carlisle NDN School #NotYourMascot

Tradition should not stand in the way of doing what’s right! @redskins need to #changethename #NotYourMascot

The fact that the slur @Redskins has been in use for 81 yrs is hardly enough to change it from an insult to an honor #NotYourMascot

The only mention of natives in the Declaration of Independence refers to natives as “merciless Indian savages” #NotYourMascot

Red paint or bounty skin, the SLUR @redskins was used to describe a people who were perceived by whites as the enemy #NotYourMascot

“The nobility of the #redskins is extinguished, and what few are left are a pack of whining curs” – L. Frank Baum 1891 #NotYourMascot

“Better that they should die than live the miserable wretches that they are” – L. Frank Baum on #redskins annihilation #NotYourMascot

L. Frank Baum, before he wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, wrote editorials calling for killing each and every last NDN #NotYourMascot

Every #redskin must be killed from off the face of the plains before we can be free from their molestations – Maj. Lauderdale #NotYourMascot

“I don’t go so far as to think that the only good NDNs are dead NDNs, but I believe 9 out of 10 are” – Teddy Roosevelt 1889 #NotYourMascot

C’mon Dan, you’re partying like its 1999, step into the 21st century and make a name change! #NotYourMascot

These mascots are not in honor of natives, they are trophies of natives hunted to near extinction #NotYourMascot

L. Frank Baum said KILL ALL THE #REDSKINS!, and then he wrote the classic Wizard of Oz. #NotYourMascot

70% of violent crime towards NDNs is committed by non-NDNs. This is the result of Stereotyping natives #NotYourMascot

“Funny, U don’t look like an NDN” is what is said by Ppl who’s education about Natives consists of what is on a Jersey #NotYourMascot

Like crack cocaine, racism in sports is proving to be a hard issue to stomp out, but we will win! #NotYourMascot

Hey @nfl @Redskins! 1855 called, they want their racial slur back! #NotYourMascot

So Natives speak out against a race based mascot and get ridiculed, they say white person and get slammed as racists? #NotYourMascot

Hey Danny! If it’s about the money, #changethename and I will be your fan, I will buy jerseys for all my family, promise #NotYourMascot

I love how #HTTRs try and convince me that I am not offended by their racial slur, I keep yelling I AM but nobody listens! #NotYourMascot

It’s a shame that we have to go through this much trouble to get rid of racist mascots in this country #NotYourMascot

Richie Incognito likes the #redskins name, he doesn’t think racism is an issue in the @NFL, don’t be an Incognito #NotYourMascot

Doesn’t matter what race you are, U R no better than any other race based on color, we are all people #NotYourMascot

Natives are #NotYourMascot, racism and red-face is unacceptable on TV or in person, c’mon and join the social evolution #NotYourMascot

Okay I’m going to be honest, NDNs make awesome Tacos, and terrible mascots! #NotYourMascot

I pay taxes @nfl, You don’t, I support change, my voice is just as important, time to #changethename #NotYourMascot

Fighting against the injustices of racism is NOT a waste of time or resources people #NotYourMascot

Lets evolve past dehumanizing others for fun and profit #NotYourMascot

What’s brave about pretending to be Indians at a football game while shouting racial slurs? #NotYourMascot

“Kill the Indian save the man” has now become “Steal their culture and make them stereotypes” #NotYourMascot

Ok, ok, you can keep the SLUR if you give the land back. Naw just kidding #NotYourMascot

If our children do not have to endure what we have endured it will all be worth it #NotYourMascot

How can we teach our children to be proud when there are teams using racial SLURS as nicknames? #NotYourMascot

If you can’t see us as individuals, then how can you ever understand our problems as a people? #NotYourMascot

Time for a new game boys and girls, no more cowboys an NDNs, now it is cowboys and #NotYourMascot

Get in the game, don’t be lame, support our fight to change the name! #NotYourMascot

HEY #redskins fans, I got a cousin on my Dad’s side, he is big and goofy, he might be your mascot, he’s white though. #notyourmascot

Hey Roger Goodell and Dan Snyder, 1890 called, they want their racial slur back! #NotYourMascot

150 years ago they gave natives smallpox for fun, now natives get “honored” for fun #NotYourMascot

Turkey feather headdress? Check! Faux tommyhawk? Check! Racial slur? Check! #HTTR #Redskins #changethename #NotYourMascot

Natives are not mascots, Natives are real people, worthy of respect and to not be treated as objects for entertainment. #NotYourMascot

It’s hard to get fanatical fans to understand anything other than their desire to be fans, booze doesn’t help the issue either. #NotYourMascot


We can’t change the past, we can change the present for a better future, THAT is what we are trying to do #NotYourMascot

We aren’t telling anyone to be offended, we are telling you natives ARE offended / insulted / harmed #NotYourMascot

NDNs that think there are bigger problems, we are creating awareness for all issues by fighting racism in sports, NDNup #NotYourMascot

I don’t feel honor, I feel gross, like I need a shower when a person walks by wearing a #Redskins jacket, I want to yell #NotYourMascot

People, native and non, are making their voices heard, we want all race based mascots gone, check #NotYourMascot for our voices

Natives are tired of being appropriated for your team spirit, #NotYourMascot #Redskins you need to be ready to #ChangeTheName