As many of you already know, Honor the Earth has been leading in the fight against fossil fuel infrastructure in the Great Lakes for the past year – and the fight is intensifying. Enbridge is intent on moving tar sands and fracked Bakken oil through our sacred lands. Indigenous communities have been a leading force of opposition in the region. Because of this, Enbridge is targeting our community specifically in a number of desperate ways – most recently they’ve taken out advertisements in local papers advertising a position for a “Tribal Community Specialist”. They hope this Indian Whisperer can help them to sell their dirty oil transportation plan to our communities – which maintain treaty rights in the region. This twitterstorm is to bring awareness to the dirty and desperate tricks that Big Oil is using in Indian Country.


Enbridge Desperately Seeking Indian Whisperer from Keri Pickett on Vimeo.

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Enbridge Desperately Seeking Indian Whisperer with their #DirtyScheme to destroy native lands. http://vimeo.com/112337350 #IndianWhisperer

Enbridge is desperately seeking a foothold in Native communities of the north, and is employing dirty tactics #DirtyScheme #IndianWhisperer

@HonorTheEarth has succeeded in organizing grassroots opposition to the proposed Sandpiper pipeline & continues to do so #StopThePipeline

Enbridge’s Sandpiper Pipeline threatens to destroy the best wild rice lakes in Ojibwe territory #DirtyScheme #OilAgenda #StopthePipeline

Enbridge is intent on moving tar sands & fracked Bakken oil through our sacred lands. Help #Stopthepipeline #LoveWaterNotOil

Enbridge Desperately Seeking Indian Whisperer. Winona LaDuke of @HonorTheEarth decided to help. http://vimeo.com/112337350 #IndianWhisperer

Enbridge desperately wants a “Special” Indian to whisper sweet nothings about the benefits of oil. http://vimeo.com/112337350 #IndianWhisperer

Help @HonorTheEarth collect stories on the dirty tricks big oil is using to destroy our lands by sharing your stories using #indianwhisperer

Our Native Nations have vowed to use direct action to stop construction of the pipelines across native lands. #StopthePipeline

Enough is Enough! No Means No Pipelines, No Fracking! Our Water and Lands are sacred! #LoveWaterNotOil! #IndianWhisperer #Stopthepipeline

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children. It is our responsibility to protect it. #Stopthepipeline

Long Live the Resistance against Corporate Greed and the Destruction of our Planet! #HonortheEarth #LoveWaterNotOil #Stopthepipeline

“A generation is rising up and screaming loud and clear that it’s not just money that matters.” -William Daviau #OilAgenda #Stopthepipeline

“We’re all resisting the same thing and that’s the violation of our Mother” -Crystal Lameman http://vimeo.com/111984226 #Stopthepipeline

Indigenous lands are healthy lands, lands that our ancestors wished to protect, we intend to the do the same #Honortheearth #Stopthepipeline

There are indigenous people on the frontlines fighting for their treaties to be honored! Stop ignoring them! #Honortheearth #Stopthepipeline

The Sandpiper pipeline is a disastrous project that will cause serious damage to our natural resources! #LoveWaterNotOil #Stopthepipeline

We have said NO to the Sandpiper pipeline! What don’t you understand? #LoveWaterNotOil #IndianWhisperer #OilAgenda #Stopthepipeline

The Sandpiper pipeline will increase environmental injustice, disproportionately impacting native communities #OilAgenda #Stopthepipeline

Saying No to Enbridge is not a hard choice to make. It’s a no brainer, unless they’re writing your checks #IndianWhisperer #Stopthepipeline

A spill along the Sandpiper will destroy wild rice fields and contaminate drinking water for generations. #honortheearth #StopthePipeline

We will not allow the SandPiper Pipeline to jeopardize our land, our water and our future generations. #HonortheEarth #StopthePipeline

Custer underestimated the ability of Natives to protect their lives and their land, don’t make the same mistake. #OilAgenda #StopthePipeline

“Power is in the EARTH; It is in your relationship to the EARTH.” -Winona LaDuke #IndianWhisperer #HonortheEarth #StopthePipeline

RECOGNIZE & RESPECT! Mother Earth & the People are MORE important than corporations! #IndianWhisperer #HonortheEarth #StopthePipeline

Strong hearts to the front! Moccasins on the ground! Sacred Water MUST be protected! #IndianWhisperer #HonortheEarth #StopthePipeline