“The amount of pain felt by our Native youth outweighs the pain of any dedicated racist mascot fans by an immeasurable amount. It’s time for a change.” - Dahkota Brown "I have nieces and nephews that play sports and they shouldn’t have to contend with Native mascots or see rival teams and fans mocking who they are as indigenous people." - Johnnie Jae “Some people say that we have more important issues to worry about. I believe that the dehumanization caused by the use of derogatory mascots is a major contributing factor as to why we have more important issues to worry about." - Alecia Onzahwah To grow up hearing “Scalp the Redsk*ns” at games and regularly seeing peers wearing a caricature of you on a jersey is dehumanizing; our cultures aren’t costumes. We’re still here." - Tara Houska “We are not token Indians. We are people. We are important.” Katsitsionni Fox

Not Your Mascots is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the misappropriation of Indigenous identity, imagery and culture. We are dedicated to using our educational and advocacy efforts to provide a more comprehensive understanding of Native people and the damage done to our youth and communities through the misrepresentation and mockery of our identities and culture through mascots, stereotypes and cultural appropriation.


We partner with dedicated individuals & organizations to address the misappropriation of our Indigenous identities, imagery, and culture. We organize rallies, conduct workshops & public forums, and more.


With our educational materials & partnerships, we aim to provide comprehensive solutions towards the eradication of harmful native mascots, stereotypes, and cultural misappropriation.


Utilizing various social media channels, we create and organize social media campaigns to raise awareness and promote indigenous perspectives on the issues that we face as Native people.